Thursday, 16 January 2014

Completed Challenge 11# - Winster Map

This challenge has been a long one. It took time to complete and has taken longer to get right and feel happy that it is completed. I think it is one that will continue to develop and evolve over time and I have passed this duty onto the village to continue to make it what they need it to be.

Though it took a lot of time it was a great challenge to do. It helped me to reconnect with my childhood village and it was lovely to give something back. As soon as it was up and running it was immediately in use and has already proved a popular addition to the noticeboard. There have been a few tweaks along the way; wrong addresses, weather proofing but hopefully we have now got it right.

I want to thank John Geddes and my mum Anthea and dad Clive for all their help with the map. This was a massive undertaking and I couldn't have done it without the practical skills of my parents or the software skills of John. 

There was a really powerful reason behind the challenge to not only help with village life but to assist emergency crews when something went wrong. If it makes a difference to lives on one person in the village that gave me such a wonderful childhood I will feel really proud. Thanks so much to Wendy and Cynthia for a wonderful challenge.

The map is available online at and on the noticeboard by the shop.

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