Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Challenge 25# - 8 times the embarassment!

Since I started a new job in September my new teaching assistants have been very keen to set me a challenge. Originally they wanted me to jump off a bridge (I promise I'm not a tyrant boss!) but safety got in the way of that.

Whilst I was busy breathing a sigh of relief, they were busy plotting. They decided if safety was an issue; embarrassment wasn't. So they are going to make me spend a day at work in fancy dress.

As an octopus.

In a home made octopus costume.

Maybe I should have just jumped off the bridge! So I really hope lots of people donate and I don't lose all the respect of my students or colleagues. Let's hope I look cooler than this guy!

Remember you can donate to support this or any other challenge at www.justgiving.com/30before30sense

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