Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Challenge 24# - Pea eating contest!

This comes close to being the most random challenge! The logistics of this are still a little unclear but it involves some serious competition between me and my sister. The challenge is to eat as many peas as you can using chopsticks - there are apparently legitimate competitions around the country for this already!

We will be doing ours as part of a coffee morning we are organising to publicise the challenges on the 17th of May. People will be able to 'buy a square' to guess how many peas will be eaten. There will be a prize for the closest answer. In addition to this people can donate to take part if they are compelled to be a part of the challenge.

Roll on May 17th - I don't know whether to practice in between! There is the issue that I've never used chopsticks to eat anything, let alone peas!

Remember you can donate to support, or take part in, this challenge at www.justgiving.com/30before30sense

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