Friday, 17 January 2014

Challenge 23# - Play us a tune!

I won't lie this terrifies me. The challenge is to play an instrument at an 'open' music night at a local pub. It's described as small, friendly - no pressure. But the pressure comes from the fact I haven't picked up an instrument, let alone played to anyone in nearly 20 years.

I played the flute as a child. Although I really enjoyed it, I hated to perform in public. My mum had dreams of my sister and I playing flute and harp duets. Instead we became teenagers and gave up. Since then my hearing impairment has got worse and I now wear a hearing aid.

It's a great challenge. If I can pull it off it will be a massive achievement. If I don't it will be the most embarrassing one yet.

So the first step is to get hold of a flute. The next step is to try and see if I can make even a note. Then choose a song.

Any advice greatly appreciated! Any donations to spur me on even more so!

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