Thursday, 16 January 2014

Challenge 21# - Silence!

Oh this will be tough. I'm perhaps what people might politely call chatty and less politely call someone that just does not shut up! So when Lesley challenged me to a 24 hour silence it was the first time I was speechless.

We've had to be somewhat careful about timing, as I am a special needs co-ordinator I cannot possibly achieve this at work. It wouldn't be fair to my students and I'm not sure parents and professionals would tolerate me just not answering the phone! But to make it harder Lesley has said I need to do it around people who may well try and embarass me into failing at it. As I said for life drawing I'm quite a prude so there's a number of people who would know just what to say to make me crack!

The incentive is that any sound I make I'll lose money and as I want to get as much as I can for SENSE I'll do my best.

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