Monday, 5 May 2014

Completed Challenge 29# - Ballet

A great feeling to have the penultimate really embarrassing one done! I was less scared about this than the flute as I figured a little improvisation would go a long way. However there were some moves Hannah had specified so I was busy you-tubing those to make sure I incorporated them in some way.

Hannah had kindly (read cruelly!) chosen a very contemporary and long song. This did at least mean I could choreograph a chorus to give something to link my general flaying about together. My next door neighbours kindly donated and came a long and although they were very kind they did mention that there was a lot of twirling my hands, pointing my toes and hoping for the best. They were right!

Another dimension was the requirement to dress like a ballerina. I found myself pulling a tutu over my head as the 30 year old figure did not quite lend itself to such slender dress.

Apart from a few curious kids, the audience was somewhat limited which I was grateful for. The sides of the bandstand also afforded me a degree of secrecy! But it's not something I will be volunteering to do again and I'll certainly be keeping my head down in the supermarkets and pubs for the next few weeks.

Thanks to Hannah, Sophie, Maria and Laurie for their support and encouragement. I especially enjoyed listening back to their narration while filming!

Ballet attire and happy challenger

Now for the video! Please keep your laughter to yourself! I've had to split the video into 2 as it's too large. An added bonus of these challenges is some new IT skills.

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