Sunday, 18 May 2014

Completed Challenge 2# - Bathing in Beans

I think the photos and videos will probably speak for themselves here! It. Was. Awful. Bathing in beans is one thing. My parents somewhat stretched this to "roll up, roll up, pour beans on our little girl."

There's the odd tentative ladle, there's the strategic pour down her back and then there's the good old fashioned throw all over her. This is all with the wonderful soundtrack of my little niece wailing "nooo" and crying and she thought people were bullying her beloved aunty.

I was caked in the stuff. Had a real walk of shame back to my parents, bare foot and dripping with beans. You only had to follow the trail to find their house. But it was my last big challenge and a lot of people turned up to support (read laugh at) me.

Thank you so much, we made a whopping £80 between the beans and the peas followed by another £10 when we donated the left overs to some local pigs. It was so lovely to see everyone who has supported me along the way and talk through my challenges. I was super humbled.

It may be a long time before I or my poor little niece can eat beans again! Here is a little snippet of my lovely brother in law finishing it off and a range of photos of people doing their worst. There are tonnes of other pictures of me humiliated doing the rounds.

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