Sunday, 18 May 2014

Completed Challenge 24# - Pea Eating Contest!

When you search for this on google it's such a rare event that my page actually comes up 6th!

I teamed this challenge with an afternoon tea I was having to promote the charity. This meant there was a lot of support and quite a few contestants! People were also more competitive than I imagined. My 3 year old niece decided she wanted to compete with me so I'm using that as an excuse for why I did so badly!

The winner, by a country mile, was Katie who ate a whopping 59 peas in a minute. Clearly a proficient chopstick user - or put in some practice. Aoife and I were pretty lame in comparison and managed less than 20. My mum had thankfully laid on a lot of cake as most people were keen to take the taste away.

It was a really fun challenge and a good way to get the party going! Thanks so much to my sister Tessa for all her organisation and for everyone for taking part.

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