Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Completed Challenge 19# - Watch The Mirrors!

Well, watch the mirrors indeed. This was very nearly the one challenge I didn't manage! Even with a thourough clean up of the garage it was an incredibly tight squeeze.

I began the mammoth task of clearing out old stuff in February. I gritted my teeth and started to be ruthless. I had kept so much old school stuff in the belief that I would 'absolutely use it someday'. But now I have the job I've always wanted and I whittled down to 2 boxes that I could take with me to my new office.

It was fun to begin with. Going through old stuff and thinking how far I'd come. Then it was boring. Then it was hell. I piled my car up and heading for the tip only to be told by the guy peering at the headings on my paper that they don't take "trade waste!". It's paper! "You're a teacher - it's trade waste." Turns out I'm not charming enough so had to head off.

Following this the challenge has whittled away at me. There was tyres there but I didn't want to change them over til the weather was better, there was a chest freezer that a friends having but I hadn't sorted out delivering. So at the weekend I was ruthless again, made a plan and prayed that my measurements were right and that the freezer would fit in our car (the bigger car!).

With all this sorted tonight, I was pretty pleased with myself. Until it came the time to actually drive it in. With a lot of huffing and 'stop', 'turn a bit', 'no less', 'no right' from my husband it fit. Just.

Now we're wondering what to do with all the empty space in our garage and I have itchy fingers for some more storage boxes...

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