Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Completed Challenge 26 - Showjumping!

It's probably worth admitting at that start that I did fall off. Not even in a dramatic way. More off a whoops, I'm falling, I'll just slide off kind of way. But as the saying goes I got back on the horse and jumped again. All be it a little shaky with a few tears.

My friend Kim, who is a fab friend, a trusted drinking partner, and one of the few people I can go on holiday with also turned out to be an amazing teacher. I was so glad to have someone I trusted completely guiding the way and I felt instantly comfortable.

She had made a lot of effort to protect me from injury - at her birthday party last year I cracked a rib roller skating and the guilt lives on. Despite that being entirely my fault! She was also very patient and Rupert the horse was very forgiving of my rookie skills.

It was a full workout for Kim who had to run me round the jumps to train me and to spur on the slightly lazy Rupert. I was doing pretty well and she let me go it alone, I lost my confidence a bit and slid off but I was so proud of myself. No broken bones, not even a bruise!

This was the only potentially really dangerous challenge I really did and it felt an amazing thing to achieve. It's given me the confidence to go riding again with Kim in the summer.

Huge thanks to Kim, everyone at the stables and especially Lucy for the loan of a wonderful horse, her support on the day and being so sympathetic when I made a fool of myself! Please see below for videos of Kim's great training and the not so epic fall.

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