Saturday, 5 October 2013

Challenge 14# - Quiz Time

It is true; karma really does exist. After years of taking the mick out of one my best friends for her geeky interest in planes she has turned the tables on me. The challenge is for me to learn all about the Airbus 380 and she will give me a £1 for every question I get right in a quiz she has devised. To add something to the mix she will also throw in some questions about the 7 month trip she is about to embark on.

 Just in case any of that seems too easy I will have to glean the information about her trip whilst out for dinner with a big group of our friends. Noisy restaurants when hearing impaired are not the easiest places so I will have to try and get the best seat and not
drink anything that might impair my memory!

 Thanks Ali!

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