Thursday, 31 October 2013

Challenge 19# - Watch the mirrors!

"Rachel I challenge you to get a car in your garage". Easy, I've only got a mazda 2, I'll clear everything into the garden and drive it in. "Therefore it would have to be cleared out to the point where it can permanently fit". Ah...

So on the surface easy peasy, take me maybe 2 hours. But the garage is rammed full of boxes, theres a dryer in there, there's even my desk and all my school stuff. Plus this will involve admitting to my husband that I stuffed the chest freezer we don't use full of school files to hide how much I brought home from my old job.

This came about from us mentioning in passing we had never seen a garage with a car in it, that everyone just uses them for storage. Note to self when you are engaged in charity challenges never mention anything in passing. So this becomes less a challenge of getting my small car in (though I'm starting to think that might be tough with an empty garage) and more a challenge of tidying.

I am the world's messiest person. I remember where things are based on where I last put them. Plus I hoard. More than I realize.

So this is the garage in its current state. I have technically until May to change that!

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