Thursday, 31 October 2013

Challenge 18# - Sewing!

I'm sure there are wonderfully domesticated nearly 30 wives out there. Who cook, clean, bake and sew. If you know me or have previously read this blog you'll know I'm not one of them!

So when my friend from sign language Charlotte challenged me to sew her a skirt for the festive season I was apprehensive. For her. She's the one who has to wear it! I did textiles at school (a good 15 years ago) but I'm ashamed to say I pratted about with my friends quite a bit and it wasn't a great success. I haven't sewn since, I don't even own a needle and thread.

There is the added problem that as you can see from the photo below Charlotte is super stylish! So wish me (and Charlotte) luck on this one. Maybe I'll find a hidden talent, hopefully it will at least stay up.

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