Thursday, 31 October 2013

Challenge 16# - Charity Fashion Show!

Now on paper this one is a lot of fun. An ex colleague (the lovely Maureen Cooper) offered to run a fashion show for my charity and challenged me to help. I was very happy as it seemed such an easy and fun one to do. However I've since moved jobs so it's much further away and more of a challenge to get people involved in. Therefore it's one of the ones I'm more nervous about as I so want it to be a success!

We need at least 80 people for it to go ahead, so if you are willing and able to come please do! It's £5 entrance including refreshment and all the money goes to the charity. The company that come sell massively discounted highstreet clothes (great timing in the run up to Christmas).

It's on the 7th November at 7pm at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School (in between Chesterfield and Sheffield).

To support this challenge please contact me about tickets!

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