Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Completed Challenge 4# - Swimming!

So originally this challenge was to swim 3 miles which I was unable to do in one go. I adapted it to swimming 30km over the summer holidays and it has proved one of the most grueling! Due to various commitments I decided to complete the swim in 3 weeks. This involved swimming 60 lengths of a 25m pool every day for 20 days.

Mentally as much as physically this was challenging. There are only certain times in the holidays that it isn't 'family splash zone' where the pool is filled with inflatables. This meant I found myself up and about much earlier than I care to when I'm off work. It also takes a chunk out of the day when I'm busy with other challenges. So motivation was a struggle! Thankfully a great friend came with me when she could and I chatted with old friends, acquaintances and even the odd stranger to keep me going in the pool. Thank you to any one who motivated me in any way.

Physically it was also difficult. I had to build up my fitness and endurance level but also watch my back as I have a weak spine. I have been pulled apart by the chiropractor today and she pinched a few vertabrae back into place but otherwise I feel fit and healthy so I have hopefully done myself some good along the way!

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