Thursday, 31 October 2013

Challenge 17# - Picture Round

For this challenge I have to remember to stay quite secretive. Every year since I can remember there has been a quiz on Boxing Day in the village where I grew up. It is run by a good friend Allan Stone and despite trying to blag answers from Allan every year we have never been successful. We have tried everything from taking a cordless phone to the pub (pre mobile times) to having mixed age teams in the hope we would win but to no avail.

The hardest round for me has always been the picture round. They are often current celebrities but pictures of them years ago and Allan always photocopies the images over and over until they are almost unrecognizable. This year he has challenged me to help out with the quiz and to set the picture round. It's very exciting for me to be behind the scenes of the quiz and nice to not be trying to win this year!

So I've got my thinking cap on now and I'm trying to create something challenging but possible. If you frequent the quiz there will be no help from me either - I'm sticking to Allan's rules!
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