Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Completed Challenge 9# - Sensory Walk (very much not seniors!)

When this was first challenged I was told it was a sensory walk for seniors. We actually had a real mix of people so if any of you are reading this I'm not referring to you as seniors!

After an unfortunate start (rain delayed play from the Monday), and losing some of our participants due to the change in date, we had a fantastic day. I had tried to do my research and preparation in advance even attending a Derbyshire Wildlife tour of the meadow a few months earlier which was incredibly useful. I learnt all about the dew pond with it's Great Crested Newts, the grazing they do there, the bat cage and the coronation meadow. I tried to learn about the different plants but they change so much over a few months many of them weren't there and a whole load of new ones were!

Thankfully I was actually surrounded by experts. I learned so much about different flowers, trees and grasses from the others on the walk that as usual the challenge was a great experience for me.

We came back to my house for elevenses, a tour of the garden and the all important taste sense. This was also a chance for me to talk a little about Sense and what has inspired me to complete the challenges. I made far too much food but then I had been in the pool for half 7 to get my 60 lengths in for another challenge and I for one was ravenous!

We then carried on with a lovely walk up the quarry experiencing the eclectic mix of sounds from bird song to trucks and diggers. There is another beautiful meadow at the top near the mine and we spent some time smelling and touching the unsual range of plants that grow in such a lead filled environment.

We passed the Steeple Grange Light Railway, stopped for a spot of lunch and carried on over the rocks and the moors with frequent 'vista stops' as the views over Cromford are breathtaking.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part and for the fabulous donations from those who came and those who couldn't make it.

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