Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What your money can do...

Thank you for visiting my blog. While you are thinking of a great challenge for me here's a sense of what the money raised could buy:

£5 – could buy a set of musical bells to help stimulate even the tiniest amount of a deafblind child's hearing in music therapy.
£7.50 – could pay for a deafblind child to experience sailing and feel the wind on their face on their Sense holiday.
£15 – could pay for a tactile book for use at a Sense family centre to develop a child's sense of sight and touch.
£25 – could buy an interactive light tube to help stimulate a deafblind child's remaining sight.
£50 – could help pay for a deafblind child's vital first assessment.
£250 – could kit out a home with sensory 'trails' enabling the deafblind residents to identify specific rooms, stairs etc, enabling them to live in a safe, secure environment.
£500 – could pay for a child to undergo a specialised educational development assessment to establish what their learning abilities are.

Any donation at all would go towards one of these great smiles!!

1 comment:

  1. First evening and we already have enough for a vital first assessment for one child. Thank you so much!!