Thursday, 31 January 2013

Challenge 5# Eat totally healthily for a month!

Now to many people this is nothing; you do it all the time and every so often 'treat' yourself to some chocolate or chips then work it off. I, however, told people I was going to eat healthily for a month - without fail every one that knows me laughed in my face. I'm yet to find someone convinced I can do it.

Thankfully this challenge is from my husband so we're in it together and are getting rid of everything tempting. We're using an app to monitor our calories and as he has the willpower of a saint it will hopefully stop me from failing. As an indication the diet starts tomorrow and today I have had a sausage baguette, snickers, several chocolates, fillet steak sandwich, potato dauphinois and some cake. This a pretty regular day for me and I would never go a day without a chocolate bar.

So I can promise it will be a challenge. Nevertheless I have a slightly tubby dog who needs walking every day and the swim challenge to train for so I'm going to do it. Tomorrow I will hopefully not be 200 calories over. This was even after over an hour walking the dog uphill!

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