Saturday, 19 January 2013

Challenge 4# Swim 3 miles!

This challenge is going to be a long one in the preparation. Sarah has challenged me to swim 3 miles aka 5K aka 195 lengths of a 25metre swimming pool. I am by no means a swimmer and so far on the 2 swimming trips I have made I have really pushed myself to swim 50 lengths each time so I'm a long way off 195. She has gallantly agreed to do it with me so we will be attempting to complete the challenge May half term. We will be training up until this point and anyone is welcome to join for a bit of new year weight loss. This is going to be very difficult and lots of donations would really keep us going! Will keep you posted on the progress.

Swimming is something that can be a great experience for deaf blind children with specialist teachers. Here's a lovely picture of a deafblind child enjoying the pool

Don't forget you can support this challenge or nominate one of your on by dinating on my justgiving page

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