Saturday, 15 February 2014

Completed Challenge 27# - Pig Massage!

So I've done it! Something I never imagined myself doing and will probably never do again. I massaged the fantastically behaved, much bigger than I expected, Rachel the pig.

It was a really interesting experience where the anticipation was far worse than the event. I was nervous as I really did not know what to expect and several people wound me up talking about gangsters feeding people to pigs. My husband Colm came along with me to take pictures and generally laugh at me in my overalls, up to my elbows in oil.

Thankfully Jo and Veronica certainly don't come across as gangsters and made Colm and I very welcome and me feel very comfortable with the whole experience. Rachel's hair was incredibly coarse and I did worry she was going to trample on my feet at times but otherwise she stood beautifully and just allowed me to massage the oil in. It is also a strange experience talking and reassuring a pig - not least because we share the same name!

The little pig, Tessa, kept out of our way greedily munching her food which in no way resembles her name sake (my sister!). I should also point out that the names were absolutely a coincidence and in no way linked to the Newton sisters.

So purely for your entertainment here's some pictures and a short video of Rachel and Rachel!

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