Monday, 10 February 2014

Challenge 27# - Pig Massage!

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd hear: "I challenge you to massage our pregnant pig". I'm not the most tactile person. I cannot even imagine what a pig feels like!

So this Saturday, I'll be donning my wellies, hopefully some gloves and a large amount of oil.

I received this challenge from the lovely Jo and Veronica today:

"We have a Berkshire sow (called Rachel) who is due to have her litter of piglets around mid March, and like all pregnant ladies a massage is something she really enjoys.    So ..... how about Rachel giving Rachel an antenatal massage?    All that would be involved is rubbing pig oil (basically moisturiser) into her coat and if you're lucky she'll subside onto her side with a grunt of ecstasy so you can rub her tummy.   She's a very friendly, placid and well-mannered pig in our barn so we'd be there with you and let her and you get to know each other before you get started."

Let's hope the pig Rachel is as placid as she sounds and I promise photo evidence of this unique experience!! I'm also going to try and forget the coincidence that the pigs are named Rachel and Tessa (mine and my sister's names!)

Please, please donate if you can. This is certainly out of my comfort zone!

Rachel & Tess snoozing!

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