Saturday, 1 February 2014

Challenge 26# - Showjumping!

So I used to ride. 15/20 years ago. I've been since -once on our honeymoon. Mainly to say I'd been horseriding in Barbados! When I say riding, the horse took me. We ambled very slowly down a lovely path to the beach. I did nothing. The horse did all the work. Others tried trotting. Some went for a canter on the beach. I posed for a photo. So hopefully this will be like riding a bike. A bike with a few tricks thrown in!

The challenge is to 'become an equestrian'. One of my best friends Kim is going to give me a riding lesson and then I have to complete 6 jumps fully kitted out in show jumping gear on Saturday 26th April. She's apparently chosen Lucy's lovely horse and will hopefully guide me every step of the way. The kind of challenge where it pays to have a lot of faith in your friends and hope the horse will do it all for me!

Thanks to Lime Lane Stables for their support and the use of the facilities. I hope I don't add to your accident book in any way!

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Might have to be kitted out a bit better this time!

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