Sunday, 23 February 2014

Challenge 28# - No Social Media!

I would love to pretend that I'll find this easy. That it won't bother me that I can't go on Facebook or Instagram for a month. But it will bother me. I will really struggle.

However it's a challenge I'm happy with as it's absolutely something I need to do. Social Media has it's uses; for a start the success of this blog is down to sharing challenges and pleas for donations on Facebook. I have had 159 page views in the last 24 hours and this really contributes to raising awareness of Sense and what I'm doing. But I am also addicted to them. Since getting Facebook and Instagram on my phone I click on them continually. I don't need to; nothing will have happened, I won't have missed anything. But it's a compulsion, something I do almost subconsciously.

So from the 1st of March I'll be deleting the apps, stopping myself from logging in on the computer and generally not being apart of the online social world until April arrives. I hope I'll fill my time with better things. I also hope no-one puts hideous photos or comments about me that I don't know about!Having a hen do, my husband's 30th birthday party and potentially the karaoke challenge during March fills me with dread so many potential unknown photos and videos.

I'm grateful that the friends who have nominated this I see in my real life. Hopefully I'll see and talk to many more people in real life for the month of March. Hopefully when I come back to it I'll use it for the right reasons and keep cutting back on just how many times I click on those apps.

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