Saturday, 13 April 2013

Challenge 10# - Epic Walk

I love walking with my friend Scarlett and the dogs so my initial reaction to this challenge was a big smile at something easy. Then she mentioned the walk was to Sheffield and I realised I was facing much more like a marathon than a quiet stroll with the pups. My next thought was there was no way my little King Charles Cavalier could walk that far (followed by a niggling voice as to whether I could!)

But Scarlett is doing it with me and this is a girl who did a 5 hour spin challenge for charity so I don't doubt her willpower and that she'll keep me going!

If you would like to be involved we would love company and the more people to get sponsored the better.

More details to follow when we know the date and route.

Remember you can support this or any other challenge by donating on

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