Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Completed Challenge 7# - I'm a Teacher...

Day in 3 words? Fear. Stench. Adrenaline.

We finally completed our I'm A Teacher Get Me Out Of Here event at my work. I was totally humbled by the amount of students that attended and then humbled all over again by donations of both time and money from staff. We made over £100 which is enough to pay for vital first assessments for 2 deafblind children. The difference that would make to their lives is phenomenal.

I was so busy organising the event I forgot how terrified I would be until I didn't sleep and was standing in front of over 70 eager faces trying not to cry. I'm very proud of myself and the rest of the team today and the adrenaline is still flowing. As countless people have said to me today it just shows what you can overcome when you're doing it for someone else.

Thank you to everybody that helped me overcome a fear and make a difference.

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Some montage photos below of the event!

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