Sunday, 14 April 2013

Challenge 11# - Winster Map

This is a really interesting and enjoyable challenge for me, kindly suggested by two lovely friends from the village I grew up in - Cynthia and Wendy.

The Challenge
Identify all properties in Winster & produce a map that is available, day and night, to anyone to assist with swift and easy location of any Winster address.
Winster is a village where many properties are known by name only & those that have a number are not conventionally identified i.e. odd numbers on one side of a road & evens on the other side. Emergency services such as ambulances, doctors, nurses, gas, electricity & water, where a minute lost is critical in saving lives, can be delayed particularly at night time. Also with many of us ordering goods via the internet there is a huge increase in delivery vehicles patrolling the village trying to locate properties.
Our shop has a steady stream of people (delivery drivers, holiday cottage renters & visitors) asking for locations, as is the case when we villagers are often approached in the street for assistance. 

This challenge is doubly important to me as it is lovely to be raising money whilst also providing a valauble service. We are hoping to gain sponsorship from other properties in the village so if anyone would like to find out more please contact me directly on

Remember you can support this or any other challenge through donating at

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