Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Challenge 8# Teach The World To Sign!

This will be a long term ongoing challenge but for me a very important one. I was givine it by lovely sister in law Sinead to teach her but I'm extending it to any one who is interested. I'm just in the process of learning sign language myself and currently studying for level 1. It's something I massively enjoy and I am very passionate about encouraging other people to communicate with those who are deaf or hearing impaired.

I'm going to be running a taster signing session at my work for staff and students. This will be an hour long class teaching the basics of finger spelling and numbers. All participants will receive a certificate that can be used to enhance CV's or professional development and they will make a small donation to join the class.

I am happy to run other sessions for individuals or groups of people again for a small donation so please email me if you're interested (

Remember you can donate to support this or any other challenge through my just giving page

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