Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Challenge 6# - Life Drawing

This challenge is hilarious to me and totally unexpected. It's courtesy of my friend Jen who has kindly offered to support by coming along too. The premise is that I attend a life drawing class and show the products of my work on here. The catch? I can't draw - to the point where my special needs class constantly laugh at me. The other catch? I'm what you might call a tad prudish - to the point where my family ridicule me and people genuinely stop conversations for my benefit.

So for me this is absolutely a challenge and another chance to raise awareness of our use of the senses. I'm hoping due to being hearing impaired I'll have a fine eye for detail - you'll see the fruits of my labour soon!

Don't forget you can donate to support this or any other challenge on my just giving page www.justgiving.com/30before30sense

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