Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Challenge 7# I'm A Teacher Get Me Out Of Here!

This is a scary one for me! But it combines some spider related challenges I've had and raises sensory awareness. This one takes place at my work with a range of very supportive staff members. There is a competitive element where staff have to put their hand in a tarantula cage for as long as they can cope, bob for apples in smelly water and eat as many extreme sour sweets as they can. We are raising additional money by charging students and other staff to observe our torture.

Sense have kindly donated balloons, leaflets and posters so that I can also use it as an opportunity to educate the students about the kind of work that Sense does.

Although it's a short one it may be one of my hardest challenges as I've always had a major spider phobia. I'm hoping going for the biggest spider I can may get rid of this - failing that I know my mentor group will get a kick out of watching me squeal!

Remember you can donate to support this or any other challenge through my just giving page or by texting SENS84 plus the amount to 70070

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