Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Completed Challenge 28# - No Social Media!

Success! I made it through the month. No crisis happened. No really horrid photos or posts. But truth be told I did miss it.

It didn't help that Facebook emailed me daily to say I had notifications. They would also tell me I had friend requests and messages. I would mull over what these could be and whether people would think me rude for not responding. I had two major events during the month and I was jealous not to be involved in the fun anecdotal statuses afterwards or prolong the fun flicking through the photos.

I missed the odd invitation to things and a few funny stories. But it's important to remember I didn't miss any major life events and it didn't reduce my contact with my best friends. If anything I tried to contact them more as I couldn't just 'spy' on their lives through Facebook.

One friend sent me a 4 page letter catching me up on everything that was going on with them which was really sweet. I wrote a lengthy letter back and we realised we had shared far more than we ever would have done on Facebook. I was reminded that it simply does not replace the connection we have with people in our real lives.

So thank you to the challengers, it was a good thing for me to do. Thank you to those who donated. Thank you to  everyone that still contacted me. And thank you to everyone who welcomed me back to the social media world today!!

Please remember you can donate to support this or any other challenge at www.justgiving.com/30before30sense

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