Friday, 11 April 2014

Completed Challenge 25# - A day in the life of an octopus!

Just out of a long hot bath as it turns out wearing a heavy octopus head all day makes you pretty achy!! But despite the crick in my neck and the flush of embarassment in my cheeks it was totally worth it for the £104.54 that was raised!

The worst part of the day was sitting in briefing in front of all my colleagues who I pray normally take me seriously. This was swiftly followed by having to walk past kid after kid who did a double take or just stood in front of me laughing. I had also managed to time this day with my dog coming in for animal care. This went absolutely fine but was certainly not my proudest moment cleaning dog muck up dressed as an octopus! It did lead some Year 11 students to come running out and emptying all their change out to me saying they felt it was a new low for me.

There were some great moments when a student watched my dog cuddling up to me and said "ooh she must like seafood" and when my year 7's carried on working, and whinging about working, as if nothing else was happening.

Being made to carry on wearing it for a drink in the pub after work was not what I bargained for but did lead to another couple of quid from the punters - all in a day's work.

Thanks to the challengers and costume makers and everyone that donating!!

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