Sunday, 14 July 2013

Completed Challenge 10# - Epic Walk

When I first got this challenge I envisaged pouring rain, muddy boots and being battered by the winds on the moors. In this little Jane Eyre fantasy it never once crossed my mind that we would walk 22 miles on one of the hottest days of the past 7 years.

There was no possibility we would postpone, we had struggled to find a weekend and after all this was supposed to be a challenge. When Scarlett picked me up at 7.10am and it was already comfortable tshirt weather I knew it would be.

But thankfully both Scarlett (who set the challenge) and I are good in the heat and Jen who provided extra company, though not great in the heat, is an exercise machine. She joined us for some of the walk and ran back totaling a massive 26 miles!

With good friends and some putting the world to rights chats it was brilliant fun. The last 2 miles, when Scarlett's blisters had popped and it was by then 28 degrees and 7 hours after we started, were hardcore. But people stopped us to chat and asked about Sense so it felt wonderful to raise awareness as well as cash.

Thanks everyone for their support either financial or physical. If I ever say I'm too hot to walk along the beach for a lolly give me a kick!

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