Monday, 27 May 2013

Money so far!

As it is half term I am in the throws of working towards various challenges keeping me busy and out of trouble. I am massively spurred on by recent donations and we have currently raised a massive £1199.50. This is 39% of the way towards my target and was a real boost as I hit 29 and have exactly a year to go. Someone amazingly donated £500 which totally blew me away.

To give you an indication of the difference this could make we could use:

£500 – to pay for a child to undergo a specialised educational development assessment to establish what their learning abilities are.

£250 – to kit out a home with sensory 'trails' enabling the deafblind residents to identify specific rooms, stairs etc, enabling them to live in a safe, secure environment.

£100 – to help pay for 2 deafblind children's vital first assessment.

£150 – to buy 6 interactive light tubes to help stimulate 6 deafblind children's remaining sight.

£90 – to pay for 6 tactile books for use at a Sense family centre to develop a child's sense of sight and touch.

£90 – to pay for 12 deafblind children to experience sailing and feel the wind on their face on their Sense holiday.

£65 – to buy 13 sets of musical bells to help stimulate even the tiniest amount of a deafblind child's hearing in music therapy.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me in anyway - please keep it coming!


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