Monday, 2 June 2014

Final Total and What The Money Could Do!

Well all the pennies are in and I'm so overwhelmed. I never thought I would raise so much money and the support from everyone has been humbling. It has been an amazing set of experiences and a fantastic way to turn 30.

The grand total including Gift Aid is a whopping...


To give you an idea of what that could do and the lives that could change I've given a few possible scenarios below.

  • Run a support group for children and families once a month for 8 months plus a range of equipment for families to take home!
  • With change to spare, enable 8 children to undergo a specialized educational development assessment showing what they are capable of achieving and  begin to unlock the world in which they live!
  • Kit out 16 homes with sensory 'trails' enabling the deafblind residents to identify specific rooms, stairs etc, enabling them to live in a safe, secure environment!
  • Pay for 83 children to have a vital first assessment! 
  • Pay for 166 interactive light tubes to help stimulate deafblind children's remaining sight.
  • Pay for 553 deafblind children to experience sailing and feel the wind on their face on their Sense holiday
  • Pay for 830 deafblind children to own music bells to stimulate even the tiniest amount of their hearing.
Any one of those scenarios is in it's way life changing and I'm so grateful to everyone that donated. If you want a little reminder that I did my best to earn your generosity below are the 30 charity challenges:

Challenge 1 – Looking after a toddler for 24 hours
Challenge 2 – Bathing in beans
Challenge 3 – Experiencing being deaf-blind through an assault course
Challenge 4 – Swim 30km in 3 weeks
Challenge 5 – eat totally healthily for one month and no alcohol.
Challenge 6 – Attend a life drawing class
Challenge 7 – I’m a teacher get me out of here (holding a tarantula, bobbing for apples in fish oil and eating crazy sour sweets)
Challenge 8 – Run sign language classes for kids and adults
Challenge 9 – Run a sensory walk for a group of hikers
Challenge 10 – Walk from Sheffield to Matlock (22 miles)
Challenge 11 – Make a map of all the houses in the village of Winster for emergency services and deliveries.
Challenge 12 – Choreograph and perform a dog dance
Challenge 13 – Cook dinner for 10 people
Challenge 14 – Learn all about a specialist topic (Airbus A380) and answer 20 quiz questions on it with random observation questions from the evening thrown in.
Challenge 15 – Crew and race a sailboat
Challenge 16 – Help to organise and model in a charity fashion show
Challenge 17 – Design and deliver the picture round in a local pub’s Christmas quiz
Challenge 18 – Make a skirt for someone to wear to a Christmas party
Challenge 19 – Clear out the garage significantly so that you could permanently fit a car in there
Challenge 20 – Send someone a motivational message very day for 30 days after a tough time
Challenge 21 – 24 hours of silence
Challenge 22 – Perform I will Always Love You by Whitney Houston at Karaoke
Challenge 23 – Play the flute at an open music night in a local pub
Challenge 24 – Compete in a pea eating contest using chop sticks
Challenge 25 -  Teach all day dressed as an octopus.
Challenge 26 – Learn to showjump
Challenge 27 – Give an antenatal massage to a pregnant pig
Challenge 28 – No social media for a month
Challenge 29 – Choreograph and perform a ballet dance to the song Breathe by the Prodigy in the bandstand in Matlock Park
Challenge 30 – Publicise the challenges and raise awareness of the charity SENSE and what they do

Thanks all, over and out!


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